Yunyi Investment‘New OTC Market’ No.1 Fund has finished investment in TopGame


Yunyi Investment ‘New OTC Market’ No.1 Fund has finished investment in TopGame - mobile casual games developer,and participated the acquisition of TopGame to Youwang Technology which is listed on New OTC Market as main investor. In this acquisition,Yunyi Investment ‘New OTC Market’ No.1 Fund(through Shanghai Yunyizhong Investment Management Centre (Limited partnership ) totally subscribed for 1,739,571 share of Youwang Technology and occupied 5.80% of total equity of Youwang Technology, which means Yunyi is the fifth largest shareholder of Youwang Technology. The major investors of  TopGame include 58.com CEO Yao Jinbo(3.62%)、Banyan VC(2.12%)、500.com(1.27%)、OASIS GAMES CEO Wang Yuhui(0.72%)、2345 Network vice president Pang Shengdong(0.28%)and so on.


Topame is an industry leading mobile casual games developer. The company has great reputation and customer basis in Europe and the United States mobile game market. The major funders are Xule and Qiu Guoliang, who have rich entrepreneurship experience and resource in domestic Internet industry. Through the acquisition of Youwang Technology, TopGame will speed up the capital operation relied on the domestic capital market.


Through this investment,besides sharing the added value of TopGame rapid growth,Yunyi Investment will help TopGame have capital operation in the way of asset restructuring or merger and acquisition, and then realize explosive growth of the company.